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Aleta Fouks is the visionary, entrepreneur, and principal designer behind Nest Collective, Portland's boutique interior design showroom.

Meet Aleta

I have led a very industrious life, with many careers leading me to interior design. I grew up in Chicago with my architect father, who instilled in me a love for foundations of good design. He began teaching me design fundamentals at a very young age and instantly sparked my passion. I spent most of the 90's as an area merchandiser and builder for Urban Outfitters and later became a spa owner and aesthetician. Always eager to expand my skills, I completed my Apparel design degree, learning in depth about color and textiles and how they complement one another.

Having spent 20 years in the aesthetic service industry and being the sole proprietor of my own spa gives me an edge in designing with integrity and thoughtfulness. I can connect each client to the design I come up with specifically for them and their needs. I have fun in everything I design and always aim to create something unique from my client's vision and their collaboration. Not enough design in the world has soul, and I strive to instill this in every project.

Design from the intention with which it is created and the intention with which it is designed.

Aleta Fouks

About Michael

Michael grew up in a creative household, his mother was a pianist and an accomplished seamstress, so Michael spent his childhood surrounded by music and textiles, his playground was the rows of fabric stores. He began designing as a teen, for neighbors and family, so it’s no surprise that.

As a deep believer in the power of community and giving back, Michael donates his time and resources to multiple local organizations and sits on the board of directors for both Portland Center Stage and Heritages School of Interior Design.

Design from the intention with which it is created and the intention with which it is designed.

I take great pride in personally designing all four of my spa locations, and I have project-managed many home remodels. After discovering my passion and the thread of design that has been a constant throughout my life and career, I pursued interior design and am a graduate of Heritage School of Interior Design

My designs have impacted personal, and community lives, giving people a more harmonious, peaceful way of living by providing beautiful yet practical spaces that feed the soul.

Aleta Fouks

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